February 8th, 2016


Make yourself date-ready for Valentines Day


Whether you are heading out for a fancy meal, seeing a show or taking a low-key trip to the cinema, for Valentine’s we all want our skin to be date ready so we are looking and feeling our best.

A lot of this comes down to preparation and making the right skincare decisions for our individual skin type and needs, but there are still a few general rules we should follow and apply to our daily and weekly beauty regimes. So, for super silky soft skin on Valentine’s Day, follow these simple steps; your skin will thank you for it.



It’s incredibly important to cleanse your skin. Cleansing removes excess oil, impurities, dirt and bacteria from the skin whilst leaving you with a healthy complexion and improving the skin’s radiance. Cleansing also helps to manage the PH levels of the skin, helping to maintain a proper level of hydration.

Our skin also produces sebum oil in the glands under the skin, and whilst this is a good thing as it helps to protect your skin, excessive dirt build up can cause blockages, trapping in bacteria and dead skin cells, therefore it’s extremely important to cleanse twice a day; every morning and evening. Use a cleanser that is gentle and designed for your skin type and use warm water to wash your face, as water that’s too hot or cold can irritate the skin. If you follow this simple routine your skin will feel refreshed, clean and will also be the perfect for further skincare or makeup application.



For perfect Valentine’s skin, exfoliate once or twice a week to remove dry or dead skin cells this will also speed up the skin renewal process, resulting in beautiful, healthy, glowing skin, which is easy to maintain if the process is continued.

Exfoliating is also beneficial for helping clear up old blemishes, as it removes the damaged skin cells and encourages new healthy skin tissue to grow through, leaving you with an all round glowing complexion.

Full body exfoliation is essential too. Exfoliating granules help to remove dead skin and the massaging action helps to boost circulation and increase blood flow to the skins surface, resulting in more radiant, softer skin perfect for date night!



Using facemasks is a great and easy way to achieve healthy and supple skin within minutes, making them an essential for Valentine’s Day prep!

We recommend using a face- mask twice a week for a good skin boost and there are a wide variety of face -masks on the market designed for different skin and age types, so there’s plenty to choose from. One of the main benefits of using a face- mask is that they can refine skin pores. Similar to cleansing, using a mask deep cleanses the skin removing the dead skins cells and oily substances that can clog your pores.

Some skin masks are designed to help enhance collagen production, which will result in firmer and tighter skin and if you have dry or dehydrated skin, face-masks are a great way of giving your skin extra hydration. The water from the mask is absorbed into the skin making it feel softer whilst improving elasticity. This will also help give a more plump and youthful appearance to the skin as well as allowing for easy make-up application.



After completion of your skincare routine, it’s important to moisturise your skin. Moisturising can help your skin look and feel youthful and also help to keep it looking clear and smooth. Using the right kind of moisturiser for your skin can help to maintain its balance, helping even out and prevent blemishes.

A long-term benefit of moisturising is the prevention of wrinkles as it works to plump and firm your skin. It’s also the same for your body; our body has areas where the skill cells replace themselves more often than any other area, so with a combination of daily loss of skin cells this can leave those areas vulnerable, like your elbows, ankles, feet and knees. Moisturising can help repair and protect those areas, so try using a balm twice a day like the What Skin Needs Skin Balm. This daily body care essential helps repair dry damaged skin and works to sooth, rehydrate the problem area.                                                                                                     

08 / 02 / 2016

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