February 26th, 2016

The Power of Essential Oils


There’s no need to prove why essential oils are beneficial for our skin, they’ve been around and used for thousands and thousands of years for cosmetic purposes such as fighting acne, treating minor wounds and brightening our skin. A typical essential oil contains more than a hundred different chemical compounds that possess antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties making essentials oils incredibly useful for treating a range of conditions.

You can buy essential oils in their original form to dilute yourself or you can buy products such as face wash and moisturiser that already have diluted oils to treat your skin.

With over 90 essential oils to choose from, it can be a difficult process to work out which ones are going to be beneficial to your skin so we’ve listed the benefits and uses of some of the most common (and useful) essential oils that your skin will thank you for!


Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oil has been around for thousands of years; Aboriginal tribes in Australia first discovered the oils amazing healing powers, which can help with minor wounds, acne and even the itching of insect bites. Using Tea Tree Oil can also prevent infection making it perfect for the first aid kit! According to Australian researches, the oil helps with acne and scarring when diluted with witch hazel and applied to the skin once or twice a day with cotton pads.

Despite its healing benefits, it’s important not to overuse the oil as it can dry out the skin, triggering the body to overproduce more of its own oils, therefore leading to blemishes. Tree Tea Oil can make your skin more sensitive to UV rays, so it’s recommended to stay out of the sun once you’ve applied it.


Aloe Vera

Like  Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera has powerful healing tools; one of its common uses are that it treats sunburn, it hydrates and acts as a protective layer on the skin. Not only that, the gel acts as a coolant proving instant relief and because of its anti-inflammatory properties, the skin heals quicker than without treatment.

For people who suffer with oily skin, Aloe Vera is an effective moisturiser that doesn’t give the skin a greasy feel, it also works to help fade blemish scars and a treatment for small cuts caused by shaving due to it’s healing benefits. Try What Skin Needs Soothing Skin Gel, which contains Aloe Vera Gel to help soothe skin rashes, sun damage and insect bites.


Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil, like both Aloe Vera and Tree Tea Oil, can help with the treatment of acne, as it’s incredibly soothing and helps to calm the skin and reducing the scaring caused by acne. The recommended option is to try a face wash or moisturiser with a small amount of lavender essential oil as an ingredient.

Due to its soothing nature, Lavender Oil is ideal for treating the symptoms of Eczema as it has the ability to relieve itching and adds moisture to the affected areas as part of the healing process. Similarly because of this, it can also help heal burns and insect bites if massaged into the skin and can also treat tired muscles.


Lemon Oil

Lemon Oil is regularly used in holistic medical practices. The oil is used throughout the world for its refreshing scent and incredible uses. Lemon Oil has antiseptic properties so it’s ideal to use on minor injuries and infections on the skin such as cuts, burns or acne, when diluted in water.

One of the more unique benefits of Lemon Oil is that it can help prevent premature aging. The citric acid and Vitamin C in the oil helps protect skin cells by fighting free radicals that cause the skin to become dull. On top of that, the citric acid in the oil helps to brighten the skin by helping to balance the skin’s natural PH, a very important step to skin brightness.

26 / 02 / 2016

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