August 12th, 2016

Holiday Skin Healing


You've had a great holiday in the sun and feeling relaxed, but the effects of the sea and exposure to the sun has made your skin become dry and flaky? What many of us forget is the healing process that skin has to go through post-summer. Did you know the sun is the number one enemy to the skin when it comes to ageing? It is said that exposure to the sun’s harmful rays are responsible for 90% of wrinkles.


Try the following tips from What Skin Needs to help nourish your skin and keep that summer glow for as long as possible:

Rehydrate your skin from the inside by drinking plenty of water.


This helps to flush out toxins and keep your skin soft and supple. The recommended daily amount is 2 litres a day.  


Revive ultra-thirsty skin with our new Hydrating Facial Serum. This light, non-greasy serum is formulated using a powerful blend of vitamins, plant extracts and the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant Plantolin. With superior hydrating and skin cell renewing properties, the formula sinks deep into the skin, creating a healthy complexion and improving the appearance of dryness and sun damage.


Avoid using strong soaps and cleansing products containing alcohol. Instead choose gentle shower and bath products, preferably with oils which help to replenish the skin.      


Starting to peel? Gently buff your skin with a gentle exfoliating scrub or a loofa. This will encourage the skin to shed dead layers while enhancing blood flow, leaving your skin smooth and radiant.


After your bath or shower help soothe skin by applying a moisturiser to slightly damp skin, preferably one containing cooling aloe vera, this will trap an extra layer of moisture on the skin to further nourish and calm any inflammation.


12 / 08 / 2016

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