August 26th, 2016

Treat Your Skin Like An Olympian


Athletes train for years to achieve physical perfection and to be in with a chance to win gold. Hours of intense training can really take its toll on their skin. Not only do they have to do battle against other competitors but they may also be up against the elements such as the wind, sun and sea, whilst focusing on their physically demanding training schedules.

If you’ve been inspired by the recent Rio gold rush and are keen to take up a new athletic hobby here are some ways that you can remedy the potential damage your chosen sport may cause to your skin.



Swimming in a pool, solo windsurfing or rowing with a team can be a lot of fun but these are also fantastic activities to build up your strength. When taking part in outdoor watersports you are vulnerable to sun damage and windburn, which can leave your face red and sore, and the chlorine that is used in swimming pools can cause your skin to feel dry and dehydrated. It is important to always consider some kind of protection for your skin but if the damage is already done then think about skin repair.

Our Soothing Skin Gel is the perfect remedy to soothe any damaged skin. The moisturising formula can easily hydrate dryness. Plantolin acts as an anti-inflammatory, relieving redness as well as encouraging skin cell renewal. The Soothing Skin Gel has the added bonus of calming insect bites that you may get from any pesky mosquitos - that we are sure the Rio Olympians are very familiar with by now!


Gymnastics and Balancing Sports

Training your feet to have such precision and balance in gymnastics and fencing takes a lot of mental and physical hard work and can really grind on your feet, leading to cracked heels. Dry heels can also be a common problem experienced by runners, who spend hours pounding the track. We recommend our Cracked Skin Cream to help repair and soothe rough, broken skin while healing and protecting against further damage.



For those budding Arnold Schwarzenegger’s out there who are keen to grow some muscle mass and try weightlifting as a hobby, be cautious that constantly gripping metal dumbbells can cause your skin on your hands to harden and become coarse. To keep it soft and supple, apply our Skin Balm before and after your workouts. This will clear up any irritated damaged skin leaving your palms moisturised and rejuvenated. 

26 / 08 / 2016

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