January 26th, 2017

Your Gym Bag Essentials

Now the Christmas festivities are out of the way for another year many of us will be wanting to get back on track to get fit and healthy and millions of us will begin to detox our bodies back to health.

A detox involves weaning off your bad habits and abstaining from your unhealthy vices whether that be your alcohol sugar or caffeine overload, your coach potato lifestyle, smoking or snacking on fatty foods. The start of the New Year will trigger us to set goals and do ‘Dry Januarys’ and diets to make up from the damage done over Christmas and New Year.

We have listed our top five benefits of having a detox period and how you can keep yours up:

First and foremost, make sure you remove all makeup before a workout. It goes without saying that when you sweat, your pores open and any foundation, blusher or powder that seeps into those pores will leave you with nothing else but spots and pimples. 

Therefore, the most important gym bag essential would be a facial cleanser. Where possible, opt for a natural, fragrance/paraben free and oil-free cleanser; this will ensure that any excess oil and impurities will be removed without irritating even the most sensitive skin.

Secondly, moisturize! When our body sweats, we lose a lot of water and if our skin is not instantly hydrated you’re likely to be left with dry, flaky skin. Dehydrated skin also increases fine lines and speeds up the rate at which skin cells die, ultimately leading to clogged pores and premature aging. By ensuring to thoroughly moisturize your entire body post workout, you will help retain the water in the skin.

Another common problem you may experience when upping your gym routine during the winter months is itchy skin.

This again is due to water evaporation from your skin, which consequently leads to itching and possible irritation and your standard daily moisturizer may not suffice to combat this. For an extra hydration boost, try using our Soothing Skin Gel. Enriched with Plantolin, this key active ingredient has proven anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that will soothe, rehydrate and repair rough and dry skin. If you have sensitive skin and are also prone to breakouts and/or post-sweat rashes, apply this gel to the affected areas and it will work wonders on your skin! 

26 / 01 / 2017

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