May 5th, 2017

Post Workout Skincare Regime


Summer is officially here so we’re pretty sure many of you have upped your workout routine and are probably hitting the gym or attending exercise classes far often than usual! There’s no denying that a healthy diet and regular exercise works wonders for us, both mentally and physically, but it can also cause havoc on your skin if you don’t maintain a proper and effective regimen thereafter. We’ve given you our top tips on how to go about your post workout skincare routine to ensure your complexion is just as radiant and healthy as your body!


Towel Dry Straight Away

First and foremost, avoid touching your face with your hands after a sweaty workout. You’d be surprised how much bacteria you accumulate on your hands at the gym or a spin class! When we sweat our pores significantly open up, and putting your grubby fingers on your face will transfer this bacteria under your skin, resulting in blackheads and spots. Try to bring along a clean towel to every workout, and wipe any excess sweat of your face after you’ve finished exercising!


Strip Off

Similarly to the above, the pores all over our body open up during a workout and the longer you stay in your sweat drenched clothes, the more likely you are to develop heat rashes, irritations, and body acne. If you already have sensitive skin and are prone to flare up’s, we recommend bringing along a natural gel such as our Soothing Skin Gel to apply on your body post shower/pre moisturize. Our Soothing Skin Gel contains Plantolin and Aloe Vera Extract, two natural ingredients that are renowned for their anti-inflammatory properties and work wonders for any kind of skin irritation.


Wash Your Face

It goes without saying that washing your face after a workout is an absolute must! Although sweating is actually good for the skin as it removes toxins, in order to prevent bacterial infection and actually get rid of the toxins from the surface of the skin, it’s imperative that you cleanse effectively right after. It may be easier to just swipe a makeup wipe across your face, but that’s not enough to effectively remove all bacteria. Tip: wash with cold water if you’re prone to redness after a workout!



As you lose a lot of water when you sweat, it’s important to apply a cream on your face in order to prevent skin from drying up and looking dull. The cleansing will ensure your skin is clear of any bacteria and dirt, but a good face cream is what will keep your skin glowing and radiant thereafter! We recommend using a light formula as opposed to a very thick cream; this is because after a workout, it’s likely you may carry on sweating lightly which will ultimately produce more natural oil; the combination of that and a thick face cream will leave your complexion looking greasy! Alternatively, opt for a lightweight, non-greasy serum such as our Hydrating Facial Serum. It’s extremely nourishing, and the potent formula in serums actually penetrates the skin deeper than most creams.



Last, but certainly not least, DRINK! You’ve probably heard it many a time about the importance of keeping hydrated AFTER your workout, but many of us forget that 15 minutes after leaving the gym. As well as being essential for our body to function after losing a lot of water, it’s equally important for our face and complexion. Dehydrated skin will result in our face looking dull, dry and washed out!

05 / 05 / 2017

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