June 2nd, 2017

Pollution-Proof Your Skin


The topic of pollution and its effect on our skin has been getting a significant amount of attention recently. From serums to creams, it seems that more and more brands are beginning to launch anti-pollution skincare products, but what do we REALLY know about them?  It’s time we had a look at the truth behind the trend!

Pollutants, including smog, dirt and dust, have been said to affect our skin’s natural barrier, as well as the respiratory and digestive tracts, and depending on how toxic the air is they can even be harmful to some of our organs.

Anti-pollution products actually started in Asia, where the air pollution levels are so high that many are strongly advised to wear masks on a day-to-day basis! These forms of pollution in Asia are often linked to dirty air and smog, but in fact a lot of pollution can be a result of gas emission from cars and smoke – two things that we have a lot of in the UK!

Since our skin is the first point of contact when we’re exposed to pollutants, there are a number of things, which can potentially react with the epidermis. Skin aging has also been linked to air pollutants as a result of their toxicity levels.

Another factor is the lack of ozone layer in some parts of the world, as this is said to deplete antioxidant levels due to more harmful UV rays exposed to the skin.

Pollution can equally affect those with healthy or damaged skin, but those with sensitive skin are naturally more susceptible to the effects of pollutants. These effects can be varied between each person, but the specific skin-related issues are hyperpigmentation, inflammation, collagen breakdown and elastin breakdown.

Anti-pollution skincare products are said to help combat this due to the formulation of ingredients such as antioxidants and a number of other helpful agents. The combinations of ingredients are designed to help stop the skin from absorbing the majority of what’s floating around in the atmosphere.

Now, although plant-based substances in cosmetics and skincare aren’t anything new, they are in fact believed to help with skin issues including irritation from pollutants as the antioxidants can help in stopping the cell death that occurs as a result of pollutant exposure.

The demand for anti-pollution products is growing, with more cosmetic products branching out into the anti-pollution scene. Hair care and hygiene products are being added, in addition to popular creams and lotions. An increased interest in anti-pollution ingredients is on the rise as well, as consumers want to know what can help or harm their skin.

So are anti-pollutants worth it and do we really need to use them?

Anti-pollution products have been linked to benefits for skin – and the skin is the body’s biggest organ, so it makes sense to take some extra care!

02 / 06 / 2017

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