June 16th, 2017

Men’s Skincare Advice


Father’s Day is this weekend (Sunday 18th June) and you’re probably wondering what to buy him this year to celebrate on his special day. Maybe he’s bored of receiving a mug or an average pair of socks, but you can never go wrong with some quality skincare that he can use day after day.

Here are our five tips on what to look for when perusing men’s skincare to make sure it’s tailored to his exact skin specification:



Looking at the ingredients in skincare is a great way to tailor your Dad’s skin type to the perfect products. If he is known to suffer from dry skin look for emollient rich ingredients such as avocado, coconut oil and jojoba oil for hydration and moisture. If he has an oily complexion look for lightweight ingredients like hyaluronic acid and salicylic acid to help absorb excess oil and grease from the pores. If he desperately is in need for a soothing balm for after he shaves as he has had far too many clashes with the razor invest in balm or gel with aloe vera extract such as our Soothing Skin Gel to erase soreness, prevent shaving rash and repair the trauma of shaven skin.



To dig deep down into those pores consider buying your Dad an exfoliator to help refresh his skin.  Steer clear of exfoliators containing plastic microbeads as these are not only terrible for the environment but can also be very abrasive on the skin. Instead look for natural exfoliators such as sugar cane, salt or poppy seeds to buff away dead skin cells and grime.



If your Dad is vegan, passionate about the environment or all about natural and organic living there are certain brands on the men skincare market that cater to these requirements. Look at the labels for symbols from the Soil Association, Cosmos, Fairtade, and cruelty free and suitable for vegans for clarification, as these are reliable and legitimate sources for certification.


The Season

Obviously Father’s Day falls in the summer but you need to consider whether the skincare you would be investing in will actually be suitable for when the seasons change. Between the seasons you must always tweak your skincare to make sure you are taking care of your skin in proportion to the elements. For summer, look for SPFs to protect against sun damage and purifying washes and cleansers to cleanse your skin from heavy creams. During winter keep your skin hydrated with moisturisers and protective balms to keep skin hydrated from the loss of moisture in the air.


Would He Actually Use it?

Predominantly you need to ask yourself if he would actually use these skincare products you’ve researched so much. Many men when given expensive skincare or colognes usually save them just for ‘special occasions’ and use them most sparingly. This normally makes you question do they get much satisfaction from saving something so expensive? Definitely consider the price value and if he would actually use the skincare brand on a regular basis.    

16 / 06 / 2017

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