November 24th, 2017

Don’t Forget About Your Feet This Winter!

4 Steps To A Perfect Pedicure


There’s nothing quite like warming your feet by the fire once the winter months have arrived. Clad in woolly socks, heavy boots, slippers and Uggs our feet can grow rather smelly after the daily wear of sweltering footwear and not allowing them to breathe properly. We may dedicate more time to our skin and hair during the festive season but our feet are often neglected.


If you are looking to give your feet some well-deserved TLC we have listed our 4 steps to get tidy tootsies:


Erase Your Rough Edges

For soft supple skin you will want to remove the dead skin that has hardened over time on the soles of your feet. Use a pumice stone, foot file or an emery board to shave away hard skin. The rough textured files will shave away the grinded skin that has collected over time. Some find that soaking their feet in warm water beforehand will help soften calluses making it easier to remove them.


Scrub Up Well

Now you have erased the harsh yellow skin it’s time to polish your skin to the next level. Depending on how much you wish to spend there are several methods in which you can exfoliate your skin. Using an exfoliating scrub made with natural beads such as coffee or sugar cane is a low-maintenance way to scrub your feet clean. Rub in circular motions taking great care between the toes and on the balls of the feet and rinse in clean warm water. If you don’t fancy rubbing your own feet, try a pair of exfoliating socks that help remove dead skin in a one off 60 minute application.


Moisturising Balm

This can be a bit of a stubborn step as you cannot walk around until fully dry but using a moisturising balm to finish your pedicure is definitely worth it in the long run! By massaging the buffed skin with a nourishing balm this helps hydrate feet for hours and helps increase the circulation, causing you to feel a little warmer inside. The What Skin Needs Cracked Skin Balm (£8.99) is a rich multi-tasking cream and great if you suffer from cracked skin on the balls of your feet or heels. Made from soothing ingredients aloe vera and calendula to help repair and soften the broken skin’s structure and boosts elasticity.


Nailed it!

When looking at your feet your eye is naturally drawn to your toenails. With a mass majority of people who hate the appearance of toes it’s no surprise many find comfort slipping into comfy Uggs and boots in the winter over strappy sandals in the summer!  A study at Bangor University in 2016 found that out of 41 body parts those that participated found feet the least attractive feature. Spruce up your feet by starting with your nails, trim the length with a pair of nail scissors or toenail clippers and pick any dirt from underneath the nail bed with a file. Next use an emery board to smooth down the sharp edges – the last thing you want is your toenails catching on your tights or socks! Finish with a lick of nail polish or a nail repair oil to complete your pretty pedi.


24/ 11 / 2016

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