September 8th, 2017

Transitioning To A Natural Skincare Routine

The thought of transitioning to a natural skincare routine can seem quite daunting, even though it shouldn't. Before taking the big

leap, take a few things into consideration first to make your transition as smooth as possible.


Make A Gradual Start

The decision to switch to a natural skincare routine is one that can be very exciting, if not a little overwhelming too. Instead of thinking that you need to immediately throw all your other products out, take some time to research about the types of natural products that you want to buy. It is reported that almost 50 per cent of consumers are buying natural beauty products(1) So do your research and educate yourself a bit more.


Figure Out Your Problem Areas

To make it easier on yourself, figure out what your key problem areas are and that way you can find products that are more suited to those areas. Whether you are suffering with acne, which our Soothing Skin Gel would be most recommended using as its main key ingredients are Plantolin, Tea Tree and most importantly Aloe Vera which will help to soothe any itching and restore moisture to the skin, of if you are suffering with dryness which our Skin Balm would be recommended for as it has excellent skin renewal properties and its use of natural ingredients provide a more effective solution to persistent skin problems. 


Do Your Research

It’s really important that when you decide to transition to an natural routine that you do your research on brands. Believe it or not but not all brands that claim to be natural, actually are. This is a term called ‘Greenwashing’ which is when a brand or organisation advertises that they are green, when in fact they are not.


Take Inspiration From Celebrities

A lot more female celebrities are deciding to go for natural skincare. Celebrities include Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz who really encourage a natural routine and often share their tips and tricks. Miranda Kerr and Jessica Alba have both actually talked about there being a lack of natural brands, so both have created their own natural beauty lines.



8 / 09 / 2017

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