October 20th, 2017

The Secret Ingredient - What is Plantolin?

What is Plantolin?


When you hear Plantolin not much springs to mind, other than what is it? Put simply, Plantolin is a super powered natural extract from an amazing plant native to Australia. To introduce you to this little wonder, here is a bit of information on its history, its many healing properties and why it’s so beneficial for our skin.


Traditionally C.Cunninghamii has a long and rich history of use by Australian Aboriginals in treatments for wounds, infections and inflammation. A common method for its application involved binding the plant’s leaves directly to affected areas and forehead, so that the plant’s essential oils would be released and absorbed directly into the skin.


Designed for maximum benefit and used in some skin treatments products as a start ingredient, such as What Skin Needs, Plantolin is internationally recognized and patent - protected for its active compounds. As mentioned, this key ingredient is derived from Australian indigenous plant Centipeda Cunninghamii, known for its medical properties, or more commonly known as old man weed. The plant commonly grows along rivers, and other low-lying swampy areas. Its identifiable hallmarks are its uniquely shaped leaf and strong yet pleasant minty and pine-like scent.


Plantolin was developed to take full advantage of this aboriginal remedy’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties to provide a natural synergy. By easing inflammation and controlling the effect of “free radicals”, the skin is allowed to naturally regenerate and replace damaged cells with new ones for a nourishing and renewed appearance.


What is it good for?


We’ve covered what Plantolin is, where it comes from and its primary use. But what is so special about something that can only combat inflammation and is an antioxidant? As it turns out, these two properties brilliantly combine and lend themselves to a myriad of other treatments.


Some of the health benefits of Plantolin extract include the ability to supercharge and speed up your body’s natural healing, rejuvenate and improve the appearance of skin and promote surgery scar healing. In fact a great reason to keep a Plantolin extract cream handy it’s excellent therapeutic abilities. Just by gently apply this cream to your cuts, scrapes and bruises, you can quickly boost the healing process, partially due to the anti-inflammatory properties of the cream, ad provide your skin a natural and quick. Aside from stimulating healing, this amazing extract can significantly enhance the appearance of your skin making it smooth to the touch, even-toned and positively glowing with youthful vitality.


By protecting against infections, products such as Skin Balm keep wounds and scrapes safe allowing your body to exclusively focus on healing with maximum efficiency. Not only is your skin allowed to heal and reinvigorate itself, but also antioxidant action can minimize and diminish signs of premature ageing.

The dual action of Plantolin gives impressive healing and soothing properties, allowing it to be incorporated in therapeutics products. These can be used regardless of age or skin type and may offer relief to non-medically diagnosed skin conditions such as dry skin, nappy rashes or acne.


Our product


We believe that all products should work in harmony with your body and the environment without compromising superb results.

 “What skin Needs products are based on the natural plant ingredient Plantolin that provides an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effect, benefiting conditions such as eczema and psoriasis (DR. Roger Henderson – UK’s most respected & trusted media medic)


With the advent of winter the harsher winds, and unforgiving rains it is essential to give your skin some much needed attention. Not just for women, Intensive Restorative Spray is so versatile it can be used to treat any small irritation or micro abrasion, helping you relax and be comfortable in your skin. It is so remarkably gentle; it is even suitable for nappy rashes leaving behind a smooth and delicate skin.


Plantolin represents a truly modern take on aboriginal skin treatments, combining existing knowledge with innovative techniques to bring out its full potential. And to take it one step beyond What Skin Needs have combined with other specially selected ingredients such as aloe vera, tealeaves, and lavender to develop truly spectacular and supercharged skin treatment solutions.

20 / 10 / 2017

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